All our agents are qualified by VIVEFRANCE, composed of agency office agent or professional house-recommendation agent. If you don't speak French well, that's not a problem. Our house/room recommending interpretor can find the ideal housing source and deals with all the communication issues for you. They can also recommend new suitable housing sources basing on your needs.


Depending on your accommodation, the agents recommend the Telecom shops for the network and choose a suitable package; according to your needs, they recommend insurance for your accommodation. This is just a phone service, if you need accompany, you can talk to the agent.


Agents recognized and qualified by VIVEFRANCE, if you rent houses/rooms on VIVEFRANCE, you can gain a promotion on this service.


Depending on your photos and your descriptions, the workers will contact you as soon as possible and offer you the estimation. We have a detailed classification, so you can quickly find a more concrete service.

Legal Aid

If you have disputes with the landlord, or your security deposit is held unreasonable, don't worry, we have free counselors, and legal aid with the attorneys.


VIVEFRANCE recommends the good quality cleaner, for the household, to offer you a clean and comfortable environment.

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